The "sexocorporel" approach

The "sexocorporel approach", founded and taught by the Canadian Jean-Yves Desjardins, allows us to understand and work on the sexual functioning a person has developed. This approach, which posits that sexuality is learnt, is particularly well adapted to individual treatment, but its tools are also precious in the couple approach to sex therapy.

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The approach

Modalities The first step is to investigate a certain number of dimensions of the person's sexuality, including the essential dimension of the sexual arousal function, in order to work directly on the direct causes of the problem. Two sessions are needed to evaluate these components (physiological, sexodynamic, relational, cognitive...) and suggest an adequate plan of treatment.

An important part of the therapy will be to learn or re-learn to be conscious and "own" one's bodily signals, so as to amplify one's desire and pleasure. Indeed, a difficulty in decoding one's sensations is often noticed. Basic self-awareness exercices are prescribed between sessions in order to pinpoint the phenomenons at play.

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