The couple approach to sex therapy


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The approach

Modalities Most sex therapists essentially work with clients individually. Having been trained and having worked for more than 8 years in a center for couple counselling, I have, along with colleagues, learnt to practice an approach which makes use of our understanding of the couple dynamics. Here are a few reasons to explain why we invite our clients to consult as a couple when possible:
  • Even if the sexual difficulty developed before the creation of the current couple, the problem is maintained within the context of this relationship; there is therefore a dynamic, a particular interaction pattern which probably allows this difficulty to continue. It is therefore interesting to understand the phenomenon in terms of dyadic interaction.

  • The treatment often necessitates the cooperation of the symptomatic client's partner, making his/her presence in session essential.

  • The sexual difficulty sometimes has painful consequences on the couple (arguments, questionning, withdrawing, lower self-esteem...), and the couple draws benefit from having the chance to express and elaborate on the meaning of this suffering.
  The couple approach to sex therapy thus takes into account the history of the couple, its values and needs, while always considering the individuals' concerns. The therapeutic techniques are based on the classical approach of Masters and Johnson as well as Kaplan, but also on couple counselling, systems theory and more modern approaches in sexology, such as the "sexocorporel" approach described on this web site.

It is of course possible to consult individually, if for example there is no current serious relationship or if or any other reason, the client finds this modality more adequate. The therapist will suggest an indication as to the setting following the evaluation sessions.

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